Our Services

Developing coaching skills and culture is an important trend for global organizations.

It is one of the best ways to:

  • engage and retain high potential employees
  • build a culture of innovation
  • rapidly develop leadership capacity

We work best to support the Managing Director or CEO and their human resources team to develop custom programs that create the best impacts to the company.

Corporate Program
  1. Strategy 
    • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  2. Human Resources
    • World-Class Train-the-Trainer
    • Facilitation Skills for Trainers
    • Sustaining Your Business with Knowledge Management
  3. Change & Innovation
    • Championing Innovation and Driving Change
    • Design Thinking for Business Innovation
    • Big Data and FinTech, from Technology to Performance
    • Innovative Leadership
  4. Management
    • Highly Effective Mentoring Leaders
    • Coaching and Communication Skills for Leaders
    • Conflict Management
    • Supervisory Skills
    • Assertive Skills
  5. Personal Effectiveness
    • Building High EI (Emotional Intelligence) Leaders
    • EQ-AQ Management
    • Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
    • Stress Management with Positive Psychology
    • Emotional Wellness
    • Positive Psychology at Workplace
    • Effective Communication Skills
  6. Team
    • Team Building
  7. Digital Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing for Retail
  8. Personal Brand
    • MC Professional Training
    • Professional Business and Dining Etiquette
  9. Customer Experience
    • Creating Customer Loyalty
    • Excellent Customer Experience