Market Research

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Over the past years, we have carried out nearly a thousand research projects in many industries, which fully demonstrates our leading position in the field of market research and consulting. At the same time, we also attach great importance to potential regional markets and conduct joint research to enable our customers to keep abreast of the latest developments in their target markets. We are closely monitoring the potential development trends of products/industry in the Asia Pacific market.

Experiences in Different Industries
  • Audiovisual Products: LCD TVs, DVD players, video recorders
  • Building Materials/equipment: bricks, wall coatings, security systems, air conditioning systems
  • Catering Industry: fast food chain stores, restaurants
  • Clothing: women’s fashion, accessories
  • E-commerce: websites, Internet service providers
  • Electrical & Electronic Products: air conditioners, refrigerators, electric shavers, cooking utensils
  • Finance: Banking, investment, credit card
  • Food and Beverages: convenience foods, candy, soft drinks, dairy products
  • Luxury Goods: watches, gold, jewelry, shoes
  • Personal Care Products: shampoo, soap, skin care products, cosmetics
  • Real Estate: shopping malls, commercial buildings
  • Telecommunications: mobile phones, public switching systems, cellular mobile communication systems
  • Tobacco: cigarettes, cigars
  • Transportation: aviation, subway, railway, automobile, cargo container
  • Tourism: hotels, travel agencies
  • Utilities: gas, electricity
  • Media: newspapers, magazines, radio
  • Pharmaceuticals: infant formula milk powder, medicines