1) Diagnosis Stage

During the initial diagnosis stage, in order to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients, we conduct interviews and meetings with our clients’ management executives, which can be conducted face-to-face or online. Our face-to-face meetings are normally held at the clients’ office, and if our discussions are conducted online, we will use a platform of our clients’ choice. The interviews and meetings, which are based more on discussion rather than standardized questions, help us to understand and analyze the client company’s culture and management style. Our goal during the diagnosis stage is to gain a better understanding of the client companies as a whole and to identify any critical problems and challenges, internally or externally, our clients are facing.

2) Execution of Solutions Stage

After the presentation of our diagnosis report to our clients there is a period of review where we follow up with any questions/comments they may have and ultimately work towards providing follow up services, as delineated in each individualized diagnosis report. Upon reaching an agreement with the client for these services, we execute the recommendations as advised in the diagnosis report. Typically, this will be performed through workshops and training that will be conducted by our outsourced management trainers and/or our staff.

To better facilitate the effectiveness of the workshop, the workshop will usually consist of two main parts:

i) Pre-Workshop Questionnaire

All participants must complete a questionnaire, which will be customized based on the needs/goals of each client, prior to the workshop itself. The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather the opinions, and gain a greater understanding, of the workshop participants. This will primarily be focused upon, but not exclusively pertain to, their management mindsets and current company culture. Through this information, our outsourced trainers and/or staff are better able to prepare for the workshop and can hone in on the specific training needs of each client.


ii) Half-Day Workshop

Our half-day workshops, comparable to our meetings during the diagnosis stage, can be conducted at the workplace of our client or through an online communication platform of their choice. The goal of the tailor-made workshop is to engage participants in discussion of different aspects of their business, which includes, but is not strictly limited to, the identification of corporate challenges, strategic review, identification of company and management capabilities, talent matching and departmental applications. The overall content of the workshop will be fine-tuned based on the feedback gathered in the previous questionnaire conducted before the workshop. Although we anticipate that each workshop will take place over half a business day, this may be longer or shorter depending on the specific needs of each client.

3) Follow-up stage

After the completion of the training workshops, we follow up with clients regularly by meeting with the participants and management. These follow up meetings are intended to provide clients with guidance to identify successes and failures, as well as areas that can reasonably be improved, on an on-going basis.