Performance-Based Consulting

Step 1: External/Internal Analysis

Step 2: Implementation

Step 3: Evaluation

Signature Training Program


  • Strategic Thinking and Planning

2)Human Resources

  • World-Class Train-the-Trainer
  • Facilitation Skills for Trainers

3)Change & Innovation

  • Championing Innovation and Driving Change
  • Design Thinking for Business Innovation


  • Highly Effective Mentoring Leaders
  • Coaching and Communication Skills for Leaders

5)Personal Effectiveness

  • Building High EI (Emotional Intelligence) Leaders
  • EQ-AQ Management


  • Team Alignment

7)Digital Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing for Retail

8)Personal Brand

  • MC Professional Training
  • Professional Business and Dining Etiquette

9)Customer Experience

  • Creating Customer Loyalty
  • Excellent Customer Experience

Market Research

Research Methodology


CATI, CAPI, Web-based interview, Door to door, Street intercept, Central location tests (van, hall), Mail survey, Paper-based telephone interviews.


C-Suite interview, In-depth interviews (dyad/ paired/ triad), Focus group discussion (full, mini, B2B), Ethnography, Online FGD


Retail audit, Mystery shopping, Transaction survey.

Desk Research & Data Mining

Trend analysis; Gap analysis, SWOT analysis, Text analytics